Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day off?? What's that??

Soooo...for those of you who know me, I have been working 5 days a week. Due to some circumstances, I will have a number of my Thursdays off (yeah!). Here's what I did today (remember, my day off :-P )
  • Took the girls to school
  • Went to my girlfriends to drop off promised jeans
  • Went to my sisters to drop off promised shoes and baby food
  • Watched my nephew while my sister went shopping
  • Went to 2 different Office Max stores (and took my dad) to get $2 12 packs of sharpies (YES, I made my dad buy the limit for me!
  • Went to the dentist and had a root canal (OUCH!!)
  • Went to 2 different pharmacies to drop off my 2 prescriptions so I can use coupons for 2 gift cards
  • Got gas
  • Picked up one prescription, will make hubby go out for other one tonight
  • Picked kids up from school
Who would have thought a day off could be so busy!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Did you jiggle the cable?

So we have been having some difficulties as of late with our husband has tried everything from repositioning the dish to replacing pieces of it to no avail. The downstairs TV was working fine, but there was no signal to the TV in our bedroom. He was switching cables in the basement and I asked (innocently) if he had checked to see if the cable had fallen out of the box upstairs. He hadn't, and, lo and behold, the cable had fallen out of the wall. TV is back!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So many wrenches in the works!

So, Emma hasn't been feeling well, but wasn't running a fever. Note to self: next time she says she has a sore throat, take her in right away. Stan took her in yesterday, she has strep and an ear infection. I don't understand how she can have both of those and no fever, but I guess she does. The nurse practitioner said she needs to stay home today, too...much to her chagrin. It's 2nd grade music night and she has a solo. I told her she could go tonight...that the doctor said that if she had 4 doses of her medicine she would be fine. Grandpa is coming down to watch her today...hooray for retired grandparents! Everything gets complicated when you have one down!

Monday, February 18, 2008

A mom night

I braved the floods and rain last night and went out with 3 of my girlfriends. We had dinner at Johnny Rockets and went to see the movie Juno. It was really, really good! And I'm not just saying that because it was written by someone who went to my high school - which added a lot to the movie for me. There were characters that I thought I could identify...and the plaid skirt that she wore was just like our uniform skirts!
It was nice to have 'grown up' time...I really needed it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just when I thought...

I could just boycott the coldness and darkness of winter, we get more snow. MORE SNOW! We don't need anymore, thank you very much! I am toying with the idea of putting tanning lamps in my bedroom, that's how much I miss the sun. However, there is supposed to be a heat wave today -- 23 degrees and sunny. I'll have to break out my capris...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I am officially boycotting the rest of winter

I can't take the cold, dark, dreariness anymore. I quit. I am going to a warmer location until June. (I wish!)
Seriously, the weather is taking it's toll on my psyche...I think it's time for a trip for margaritas...

Sunday, February 10, 2008


It is so darn cold here! It's ZERO out. Meaning the windchill is about negative a billion. The walk from church to the van was enough to make my eyes sting and my face hurt. I am staying inside today and making mashed potatoes and gravy. Yummy and warm.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Morning chaos

Why do the mornings have to be so full of chaos? It's the same thing every day...breakfast, dressing, tooth brushing, backpack packing, lunch'd think we'd have it all down by now. Nope. There are always tears about something...sigh. Someday maybe I'll figure it out.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

This whole parenting thing...

is really hard. Anyone who tells you it's not is a liar. I was talking with a girlfriend of mine and we were both comparing notes about how inadequate we feel and how everyone else (Britney excluded) seems to have it all together. You know what, they don't. Maybe they're better at keeping house or doing crafts with their kids or whatever, but there are things that I do for my kids that they can't do for theirs. I have decided that for Lent I am going to try to stop feeling like a bad mom and concentrate on the things that I do well for my kids. I am the only mom they have, so they don't know what everyone elses mom does better, right?
In the words of my mother, "Bad moms don't worry that they're bad moms. Good moms worry."

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The storm that never was

Well, yesterday the weatherpeople were warning us that a severe storm was coming...lots more snow...high winds, the works. So far, nothing. Originally the snow was to start at 10pm, then 4am, now they're saying 9am. We'll see. At least there isn't a snow day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

If you don't like the weather...

I am seriously wondering about all this weather we're having! Yesterday I woke up to snow, drove home in fog, went grocery shopping in fog/rain and it rained late last night. Supposedly it's supposed to SNOW again tonight which means all that standing water will freeze. It's like someone is spinning a wheel of weather and laughing at us!
We had a busy day yesterday...I had to go through all the paperwork from the missed day of school. It's amazing how many notes, folders to sign, etc. there are!
Let's hope for a calm weather day today!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Long weekend and more snow!

I can't even believe that we got more snow last night! It was really bad...snow came down really hard and really fast. We got about 3 more inches here. Now it's foggy and wet...just in time to get ready for school!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Be Careful What Your Kids Wish For...

The call came at 5:05 am from the school's automated service. Snow day. So it looks like we'll all be home today (except Stan, work never closes!). We've got quite a bit of snow and lots of blowing and drifting. At least the girls' field trip to the ZOO was yesterday!