Sunday, October 7, 2007

Upon further review

Sarah got 7 stitches, not 6. Here are the pics...

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Never a dull moment

Bear with me, this is gonna be a long one!
So, yesterday I was at work and my cell phone rang. I checked the caller ID and it was the school nurse. I answer and it isn't the school nurse, it's the secretary. She's calling FOR the school nurse to tell me that Sarah fell and cut her head open and that someone needs to come take her to the ER as soon as possible. The nurse can't come to the phone because she is 'working on Sarah'. OK, so my mommy sick feeling kicks in. I tell her I am going to call my husband because he is closer to school. I call Stan, tell him to high tail it out of work and go get her and to call me as soon as he sees her. I tell my boss (who, thank goodness was home and it was almost time for the babies to go down for a nap) that I have to go. I call the school back and ask to talk to Sarah and the playground supervisor answers the phone in the nurses office. I ask her if it's bad (I know her from hanging out waiting for our kids to get out of school) and she says that I need to come. Now. OK - now I am in super panic mommy mode - she has a bunch of kids and wouldn't say that unless it was bad. So I call Stan, tell him to bring Sarah to the Edward Hospital Urgent care and that I will meet them there.
After the longest 20 minute drive of my life I get there and start waiting. I call Stan and he says that I should make sure they have a CAT scan there in case x-rays are needed. X-rays? I can't take it!! So I go in and check, and, for future reference, they do have a CAT scanner.
He pulls up with Sarah who will not walk...she wants me to carry her. I grab her and run into the urgent care and the woman at the desk tries to get Sarah into a wheelchair and she wants NOTHING to do with it. She is screaming and yelling that she's OK, she doesn't need a wheelchair.
We get into the room and the nurse takes a look at the wound. It's HUGE. About the size of a quarter, and about an INCH deep. Blood is everywhere. Sarah is freaking because she can't take the sight of blood.
The doctor comes in and does a thorough neuro exam and Sarah passes (thank God!) with flying colors. He tells the nurse to prep Sarah for stitches, so she gets out the cotton ball soaked in lidocaine and puts it on her wound. After she does this, I asked Stan to go confirm with the doctor that Sarah truly didn't need an x-ray because she had been being a bit combative and unlike her normal self. He goes out to check, I get Sarah settled again and we start to watch Dragon Tales.
Stan comes back in and says he's going to go sit in the lobby for a minute, does he look pale? Then, BAM! He passes out. Falls right to the ground. Nurses are running in, the doctor is running in, I get Sarah off the bed and run out to another room. She is screaming that her daddy is dying, I am trying not to freak out and trying to get her away from there AND find out what the heck is happening to my husband.
The nurse comes in and tells us that it looks like the combination of the lovely 90 degree heat here and the stress of getting Sarah taken care of (plus the gore of the wound) probably all added up and caused him to faint. She said it happens most of the time to the dads (apparently we moms are made up of tougher stuff). I tell her he is on blood pressure meds, she doesn't seem concerned.
The doctor comes in and assures me Stan is OK. At this point I am losing it, and Sarah is trying to comfort me and apologizing saying that all this is her fault. Poor baby.
Then they get ready to stitch her and Sarah freaks out, screaming, thrashing. They get her calmed down but have to go ahead and inject the anesthetic into the wound because it was too deep for the cotton ball. She freaks again. By the time they start stitching she has calmed down enough and I am holding her legs down and sobbing. I get it together by the time they finish - 2 internal stitches and 6 (blue!) external stitches.
I collect my husband, who insists he can drive home, and make him get in the van with us. Then we go to pick up my other 2 girls, who, thank goodness, went home with my girlfriends' girls.
After all this, my other girlfriend took me to get the other van from Edward's parking lot.
I am glad yesterday is over.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Things are sooo busy around here! I feel like I never have a minute to catch my breath. Part of the increase in activity is that I am working not one, but two jobs now. I watch the triplets that I watched last year three days a week (they are 13 months old now and a blast!) and I watch another set of triplets (they are 10 month old boys) 2 days a week. So I drop the girls at school, go right to work, leave work and go right to pick the girls up. Then there are all the after school's crazy! However, the jobs are perfect in that I can still drop off/pick up the girls and I have no worries about childcare. The occasional day off of school or illness can conflict, but usually grandma and grandpa are glad to have the girls that day!