Friday, June 20, 2008

Today's exam

Well, this was the most taxing procedure to date for mom! I had to walk Hannah down to the exam room and hold her down while they got the mask on her and she was NOT happy about it. I am sure that later in life she'll be telling her therapist that I restrained her and let them gas her. This mommy stuff is hard! Then, upon waking she was the most agitated she has been...I don't know if it was because she only received the gas portion of the sedation (no IV this time) or what, but when she woke up she was MAD. She was screaming that her eyes were stinging and she wanted to be home on her own couch. They got us out of there without her even having to drink anything. Usually we have to wait until she's had a Popsicle or something, but I think her screaming was on everyone's nerves.
The GOOD portion of the day -- her eye continues to look wonderful. Today they took out 6 of the 9 stitches (which means we're going to have at least one more of these!). The trauma surgeon said that he could have taken all 9 out, but they like to leave a few in a bit longer to establish that it is truly healed and that they haven't missed anything. Her retina looks good, as it has since the accident. The capsule where her lens was removed is still well formed and complete, meaning that when she is older they'll be able to slip in a lens with no stitches. That is a really big deal. Here's a neat fact...most of us wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from UV rays...Hannah's artificial lens will have the UV protection built in!
Thanks for all your prayers!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A great appointment!

First, to all those who have called that I haven't called back, I'm sorry. I'm just swamped trying to keep things afloat! Know that I appreciate it, and I really have meant to call you!

Today's appointment was great. Hannah's eye looks great, no sign of infection or opening of the wound and she is still able to see, and could even see farther this time.

We got the green light for swimming and spent the rest of the day at the pool! Hannah swam like a fish! It was awesome to see her acting like her old self. I was starting to get worried about her...she'd been pretty depressed and sleepy...I'm glad the 'happy Hannah' is coming back!

We go back on the 20th for an eye exam under anesthesia. They contemplated trying to get a good exam while she was awake, but based on the trouble we've had just getting cursory exams in the office, I felt that anesthesia would be our best bet. I wanted to be sure that they get a complete look at all that's going on in the eye, as well as give the trauma surgeon who stitched her eye a chance to see if the stitches are close to removal stage.

So, things here are good, and getting better. We're looking forward to spending lots of time at the pool now!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A huge miracle!!

We went for another check today at UIC and HANNAH CAN SEE!! She saw when the doctor put fingers in front of her eye - a HUGE improvement from before when she couldn't see anything but shapes! Needless to say, we are all elated.
We also got lots and lots of good news regarding summer! The doctor sees no reason why Hannah can't swim (yeah!) after next week's appointment and also gave us the green light for our vacation at the end of June and Great America later in summer! The best appointment yet!!
So, thank everyone for their prayers - they certainly worked!! Better than I ever expected they would! I ask that you all keep some very special people in your prayers...there is a little girl in Hannah's class that is having tonsil/adenoid surgery soon, a little boy in my triplet group with leukemia, a little girl in my triplet group that is also having tonsil/adenoid surgery, mom in my triplet group who's husband is gravely ill, and my college roommate's husband who was in a bad car accident and is now blind and in rehab for lots of orthopedic issues. If your prayers did wonders for us, imagine how much more you can all do!
p.s. a special thanks again to all my bunco ladies and triplet have no idea how much you have touched me and I hope that someday I will be able to give back!